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Babies (0-18 months)

Our youngest children use the two upstair playrooms and the adjoining sleep rooms which are equipped with full-sized cots and are constantly monitored. Our experienced staff help each baby feel safe and content whilst gradually widening their horizons.

The routines are as flexible and individual as the children themselves and they get to experiment with paints, and play doh, explore natural objects in a ‘treasure basket’ and start to enjoy reading stories and singing songs together.


Parents provide formula bottles for the babies until they are weaned as well as nappies and wipes. For sleeping a fitted cot sheet and blanket is required which is then sent home each week to be laundered.


Toddlers (18-30 months)

The expanding imagination and curiosity of your child is catered for in two large playrooms downstairs. There are facilties for art, sand and water play, construction and music, while an attractive library is used to encourage the children’s love of reading. Monthly themes form the basis of art and craft activities and the children’s day becomes a little more structured.


The older children enjoy regular visits to the Schoolhouse to expand their horizons and give them the chance to use our Imaginative Playroom and the Indoor Gym. Staff have plenty of experience in the art of potty training at whatever point it becomes necessary!


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